Welded Finned Tubes

Finned tubes are tubes that have added exterior surface area by way of attaching “fins” on the outside of the tube. The fin attachment is done using various methods and materials. Class Ten produces a welded attachment that offers a durable metallurgical bond between fin and tube. The welded attachment makes these finned tubes ideal for rigorous, high-temperature applications serving, among others, the oilfield, aerospace, petrochemical, food, steel, textile, wood processing, and boiler industries.

Class Ten has set new standards in small diameter (3/8” to 1”) welded finned tubes by offering configurations never produced before. With our state of the art equipment, we now produce a 3/8” welded finned tube. We also offer narrower fin segments and higher fin than previously available in the industry. Each of these new capabilities was driven by customer needs, which further demonstrates our commitment to developing heat transfer solutions for our customers.

Our product offering does not stop at small diameter finned tubes. Class Ten offers welded finned tubes from 3/8” up to 10 5/8” in diameter that covers a broad spectrum of applications.

Available Configurations

  • Tube/Pipe Sizes: 3/8” – 10 5/8”.
  • Tube/Pipe Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steels, Chrome Moly, other Nickel Alloys.
  • Fin Thickness: .018” - .060”.
  • Fin Height: 0.250” – 1.875”.
  • Fin Spacing: 12 – 120 per foot.
  • Fin Materials: Carbon Steel, 409ss, 304ss, 316ss.

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